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I'm back~

2011-07-04 00:49:45 by BrigadoonEarth

I've been on a bit a hiatus, but I'll keep trying to make MOAR art.

Truth or Dare?

2010-11-06 22:18:30 by BrigadoonEarth

I'm looking to start making remixes and need a recommendation on what free software I could use to practice on

Here and There

2010-07-06 21:56:23 by BrigadoonEarth

The summer heat is beating on my doorstep and I'm stuck in the middle of it.

And another thing

2010-05-19 21:56:06 by BrigadoonEarth

Just to clear some Art stuff, The art that I do is not really functional tattoo art nor is my traditional people/creature drawing skills anything to real proud of. I'm only hear to look and post art, not to make anythng for anyone.

Time and time again

2010-05-17 20:24:02 by BrigadoonEarth

Well, I've decided to get back onto the bandwagon and post some of my art here on Newgrounds. Nothing beyond that though.

Its back!

2009-09-25 21:33:14 by BrigadoonEarth

My music is back!

To much

2009-09-11 21:17:51 by BrigadoonEarth

Somebody took something rather valuable to me, my music.

Back on the wagon

2009-09-04 21:35:50 by BrigadoonEarth

So I'm here, voting and playing!

Almost done,,

2009-08-07 21:49:45 by BrigadoonEarth


Summer is almost over for me. I have to go back on the 20th.

Hotter than hell.

2009-07-03 13:06:37 by BrigadoonEarth


Its humid and the pool is to far away.